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Working for a Future Rich in Healthy Wildlife Populations

Hunting with Non-lead is dedicated to promoting hunting and wildlife conservation through the use of non-lead ammunition. We are hunters and wildlife biologists who recognize the common ground between hunting and wildlife conservation. It is our mission to promote the positive contributions of hunting and the use of non-lead ammunition by providing accurate information and resources to hunters and wildlife managers.


The Institute for Wildlife Studies is a not-for-profit organization that has assisted the National Park Service in removing feral hogs from Pinnacles National Monument. Since 2004, staff with both organizations have gained extensive experience with non-lead ammo during the culling of more than 300 hogs. Based on these real world evaluations of non-lead ammo, we have found it to be extremely accurate and lethal.

ChadChad Thomas - Non-lead Outreach Coordinator in California for Institute for Wildlife Studies.













Jim Petterson - lifelong hunter from Idaho, also a wildlife biologist who formerly worked with the National Park Service.







Leland Brown - an avid hunter and outdoorsman from the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Leland has worked as a biologist on a variety of invasive species control programs. He has hunted in California for black-tail deer and feral pigs, in Hawai’i for feral pigs (both rifle, pistol and dog & knife), goats, cows and mouflon sheep, and Oregon for black-tail deer. Currently, he works with hunters in the Pacific Northwest to reduce the unintended impacts of lead ammunition on wildlife. If you are in the PNW and looking for more information email: Leland.brown@oregonzoo.org





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